Emilie’s daycare: Wakakusa Hoikuen

This is where my ex-wife lives with my daughter. I retrieved the screenshot below from this Google Maps link. You can see Shijima on the right and her mother on the left. The dog is Tomu-chan. (That dog is one reason I believed my wife when she told me her father used to beat her and her mother: the way Mr. Hirasawa yells at his dog is shameful.)


My ex-wife and my former in-laws have completely cut me off of course. Who can reason with such people? Why waste time even trying? Therefore I must continue to shame them.

On a more pleasant note, this is where (I think) Emilie goes to daycare. It’s in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward in Kyodo. It’s difficult to get into public daycare (ho-iku-en) but Shijima disingenuously (but legally!) pleaded she is a single mother. And because the Setagaya Ward Wakakusa Daycare is across the street from where my daughter lives, and it’ s likely that this is where she is.


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