A family of child abductors

For Rui Boy

“Let the ears hearing this and its like be seared, for who has heard or seen the likes of it? … Why did the heavens not darken and the stars not withhold their radiance; why did not the sun and moon turn dark?”

Friday, November 19th, 2010

This is the 8th post I’ve written on this site. This is the sorrowful page I’ve most dreaded adding, identifying my wife’s family, the Terauchis.

Why do these family members cluelessly join in setting a little boy on a path of emotional disturbance? Look beyond appearances. Do decent people allow such a terrible thing to happen in their own homes?

Any and all families have a skeleton or two in the closet. But the number of incidents of children having been permanently removed from one or more of their parents in this family is more than coincidental. There are three victims of this…

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One Comment on “A family of child abductors”

  1. Brian Prager Says:

    The Terauchi family. A cruel group of people with no intact adult male relationships. Thank you for helping out. They should be infamous. They’re big fashion industry types. Not a single decent human being among them.

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