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Why I am doing all this

10 February 2013

Why am I keeping this blog? Why am I putting my story on the internet? Why don’t I just let go and move on? The answer is that I am doing the only right thing I can do. It’s that simple.

What my ex-wife Shijima Hirasawa (平澤しじま) and her family, including the Tajiri family (田尻家) did to my daughter Emilie and to me is wrong. They have cut us off from each other.

Shijima’s argument is that what she is doing is perfectly legal. Certainly it is legal but it is not right.

Should I go quietly away? Should I let Shijima cut us off without reminding her of the consequences of her actions? Should she go on believing she “got away with it”? Should she feel rewarded for kidnapping my daughter from her father?

I cannot accept that and if the law won’t protect my daughter and me, then I have to let as many people as possible know what  happened and how my wife and her family behaved.

Her first  husband, an American, agrees with me and he wants nothing more to do with her. Shijima cost him nearly a decade of his life in aggravation and suffering and today he is disgusted by her behaviour.

I will never get over losing my daughter. No parent can get over something like that. But I got through it and I am in fact moving on. I do have a life beyond this blog and I am living it. I will have something to offer my daughter Emilie if she finds me one day. But I am also spending a little time and effort in reminding Emilie’s mother of the consequences of her actions.

And here we are. What would you do if you were in my place? Give up?


Bonne Fête Emilie!

8 February 2013

Ma chère fille

Je te souhaite un bel anniversaire! Déjà deux ans!

J’en profite pour te demander pardon de ne pas être là. Peut-être te demandes-tu pourquoi? Eh bien, c’est parce que ta mère nous sépare. Elle t’enlève ton père comme elle m’enlève ma fille. Quoi qu’elle dise, elle n’a aucune raison de te priver de ton père.

J’ai bien hâte de te revoir un jour.

Ton papa qui t’aime!

It’s nice to be read…

8 February 2013

It’s nice know the right people are following my blog. I’m also impressed with Google’s commitment to protect people’s privacy. It’s not Google’s fight after all, so when my ex-wife called them to complain she could be recognized in their Streetview, they blurred the people in the picture. They even blurred the poor dog, but if you know what to look for, you can still see it’s them.

This is the sort of paranoid family my daughter is living in. Rather than maintain a relationship between her and her father, they exclude me. When I show the world what kind of people they are, they get angry. Well, it’s their own fault.

I’m planning a trip to Indonesia next. There are some secrets there involving other members of Shijima’s family that I need to confirm before publishing.


Emilie’s daycare: Wakakusa Hoikuen

6 February 2013

This is where my ex-wife lives with my daughter. I retrieved the screenshot below from this Google Maps link. You can see Shijima on the right and her mother on the left. The dog is Tomu-chan. (That dog is one reason I believed my wife when she told me her father used to beat her and her mother: the way Mr. Hirasawa yells at his dog is shameful.)


My ex-wife and my former in-laws have completely cut me off of course. Who can reason with such people? Why waste time even trying? Therefore I must continue to shame them.

On a more pleasant note, this is where (I think) Emilie goes to daycare. It’s in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward in Kyodo. It’s difficult to get into public daycare (ho-iku-en) but Shijima disingenuously (but legally!) pleaded she is a single mother. And because the Setagaya Ward Wakakusa Daycare is across the street from where my daughter lives, and it’ s likely that this is where she is.


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