For Rui Boy

Our first 800 days.

The Japanese State condones the international abduction of children upon marital breakdown or failure. By encouraging the practice of abduction, then masking parental kidnapping as  “custody determination”, Japan helps to induce Japanese families to bring about the permanent separation of children from the parents who have raised them, and upon whom they depend to share love and experience trust.  Therefore, child trafficking into Japan has become an industry of lawyers, embassy and consular employees, family court judges, families and friends. Disappointed Japanese spouses and grandparents are able to gain Japanese state protection and ignore previously ajudicated custody in the child’s country of origin easily, regardless of the child’s originary nationality or age. Rewarding  the whim of any Japanese national who can manage to bring a child across the international border – regardless of his or her state of mind or fitness to make unilateral decisions of…

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