For Rui Boy

In an outburst of predictable  seasonal activity over the August summer vacation,  Japan has signaled to all of us via the U.S. Department of State that they will not comply with   the international community and the U.S. Department of State’s one and only primary political request with regard to the excessive Japanese human welfare and children and parents’ rights abuse of international child abduction. The Japanese will notsign the Hague Convention, nor begin a process of demonstrating whether or not it will ever cease welcoming the arrival in Japan of internationally abducted children, nor cease the masking of child abduction as “custody determination”  until at least May 2013.  In addition the U.S. Department of State has, as always, offered to carry water for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs again, encouraging U.S. citizens to cede the stolen jurisdiction over their children’s abductions to the thieves themselves, the…

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