Put Japan’s flag on milk cartons!

Japan must sign the Hague convention on repatriating abducted children to their normal country of residence. Japanese politicians don’t want to do this because it means reforming domestic family law. So they are dragging their feet, always promising to sign the convention but never actually signing it.

Traditional diplomacy has not succeeded so far.  Well, it’s time to adopt Japanese tactics. Here is something that works very well with Japan: shame.

As long as the Japanese feel their laws are protecting children, they won’t change them. Japanese family court judges are stubborn and do not recognize that depriving children of a loving responsible parent is harmful. But most of the world disagrees with Japan and considers it abduction when Japanese parents take their children back to live in Japan without the other parent’s consent. Japanese lawmakers feel it’s “just moving back home”. The rest of the world calls it kidnapping.


Milk cartons in the US often bear a photo of an abducted child along with the child’s name and last known whereabouts. In the case of international parental abductions, why not add the flag of the abducting country in the bottom corner of the picture? Japan would hate this. They would try and stop it, but they would fail.

The only way for them to remove the flag would be to return the child.

This would not help me. For one thing, my daughter Emilie is living in her normal country of residence. For another, even if Japan reformed its family laws and signs the Hague convention no retroactive action will probably be taken. But if this helps others avoid what I went through, it will make me happy.

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One Comment on “Put Japan’s flag on milk cartons!”

  1. […] when it comes to attacks on their interest. The thing to do is attack their honor. We should put the Japanese flag alongside the flags of other countries like Iran and Morroco on milk cartons and  ”Lost […]

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